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Buy Sarees Online at Fashionaex

Saree, as per Wikipedia is ‘a women's garment from the Indian subcontinent that consists of a drape varying from 4.5 to 8 meters in length and 60 to 120 centimetres (2 to 4 feet) in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

But for any Indian woman, Saree is not just a piece of cloth but an emotion. Sari is attire they love the most. Saree is a traditional touch for them which tell a story about our rich Indian culture and its heritage. 

Sari is a combination of tradition and fashion. Sarees for Women, the first Sari they wore belongs to her mother, and thus Saris have great emotional value as well.

And the best thing about Saree in there is something for everyone and every occasion. Be it different materials from silk to cotton and to occasion from daily wear to bridal, Sari never disappoints you.

It suits everyone and looks breath-taking in any colour of spectrum due to which it is worn by women of every age, be it teenage or adults or old grandmothers in house. 

We at Fashionaex have a vast collection of Saris, and we have divided it in a section like Occasion, Fabric and Style so that it's easy for you to choose from.

Choose Sarees for Different Occasion:

Saree is beautiful attire and is for every occasion. But every occasion demands a different version of it. Something that suits any particular occasion, something that adds sparkle to the Occasion or sometimes simply a saree that make you feel comfortable at home and doing chores. Some occasion like Party requires a subtle shimmer, but when it comes to traditional function, the bling is unmissable. While comfort matters the most when you wear sari at home and while working.

Fashionable touches in bridesmaid saree or beauty in Bridal wear or simplicity in your mother’s saree is nothing but dressing as per Occasion.

Party Wear Designer Saree:

Nowadays, parties are quite common in India; either one is invited there as a guest, or one chose to share their happiness by organizing Party and get-togethers. No matter whether you are a guest or host, or it is a get-together or farewell or festive Party, wearing a Branded Saree makes you stand out of the crowd.

We at Fashionaex understand your dilemma of choosing a perfect sari and thus have created Latest Party Wear Sarees Collection.

Sarees (साड़ी) in this collection are unique and has prints and embroidery that makes our Saree best for your next Party. Be Party ready!!

Wedding Wear Sarees:

India is known for its Big Fat Indian Wedding. Now and then one has some of the other wedding to attend. But it's not only marriage, but there are also several other functions before and after it. Be it Haldi ceremony or Sangeet and DJ night or at the end Reception, you need different Sari for each Occasion.

Each day at these ceremonies is a chance to dress best and impress your lovely relatives with your fashion sense. To wear ethnic and participate in all rituals.

We at Fashionaex bring you an Exclusive Collection of Wedding Sarees with vibrant colours and beautiful embroidery that makes you looks even more special.

Bridal Wear Sarees:

Wedding is the biggest day in the life of any girl. She waits for her marriage whole life and dreams about how she will dress up for that one and the ceremonies that follow. Bollywood has surely set some wedding dress goals in everyone’s life...

So be it Wedding day, or other ceremonies, like Haldi and Sangeet and Reception, the bride looks no less than a queen. From Saris and to jewels to makeup, it’s the days when the bride looks perfect.

Bridal Sarees are always different. From colours to embroidery with sacred symbols like ‘Kalash’ or images of God and Goddess… Embroidery ‘Elephants and horses’ which signifies Baraat.

We at Fashionaex have Saris that fit all occasions and rituals and make you look stunning.

Casual Saris:

Saree is attire, made not only for special occasions but also for regular use.

When it comes to daily or regular wear women tend to like Saris which are not only comfortable and lightweight but also pretty in designs so that working in and out of house gets easier without losing the charm of Saree.

For all the ladies out there, we have created Indian Designer Casual Saree collection so that you wear Sari daily without hassle of heavy work and with comfort.

Pick Perfect Fabric for Sarees(साड़ी):

Fabric is the most important thing in any clothing. Its fabric that decides the life of the clothing and beautifies the design to create a better look… Better quality Fabrics means higher cost, but it is always worth the investment.

The wrong choice in fabric and it can make the entire outfit look dull.

Today with the advancement in technology, various type of fabrics are now in use. From synthetic materials like Net and Georgette to classic and natural Silk and Cotton, choices are endless.

One can choose what best suits them from a wide range of options available.

Buy Designer Net Sarees Online:

Net Sarees has taken Sari, and it graces to another level of beauty. It's like a blend of Indian tradition and contemporary style. The gracefulness of Saree and with a sheer, a bit see-through material is much loved among people these days. It gives a traditional look with a sexy style.

Initially, the net was used to prepare a veil and later some Dupattas. Still, eventually, its beauty and potential were seen by designers, and now it is an integral part of the Saris world.

Many many designers and focusing on creating Net Sarees and Bollywood stars are seen rocking it.

Buy Latest Pure Silk Sarees Online with Price:

Indian Women wear silk saree from ages. Be it east, west, north or south, Indian women all across the country are in love with this rich fabric. Be it Mulberry or other silk forms like Tussar, Eri, Muga; all are equally popular.

Women earlier wore silk on special occasions like a wedding only. But nowadays, it has made its way to even parties and corporate events.

Rich and comfortable feel, with unique patterns and designs and bright colours, make head turn wherever you go.

Buy Pure Georgette Sarees Online:

Georgette is lightweight and flowy. It has hints of sheerness and at the same time can rock heavy embellishment be it embroidery or Zardosi work and looks perfect in Plain Georgette saree. The graceful drape of Georgette fits perfectly with Indian designs making it popular among women. A perfect combination of trend and tradition.

Pure Georgette Saris are created from the georgette fabric which is made from pure silk fibres, while faux georgette Sarees which are equally popular are generally made from polyester or rayon fibres.

So, whether heavy or light, Georgette is a perfect material for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement while being equally comfortable. And you can find it in all hues, giving a treat to your inner fashionista. 

All these qualities make Georgette quite a versatile fabric which both designers and wearer loves.

Cotton Silk Sarees:

Cotton Silk fabric is a blend of both fibers that is Cotton and Silk, combining excellent characteristics of both into a single textile.

A lightweight, comfortable & silky weave, silk cotton fabric is soft and light on the skin as cotton and a sturdy and gives a heavy look due to silken drape, along with an easy to wear fabric and versatility it provides, it has become a wardrobe favourite of many.

Pure Silk Cotton Sarees can be found in both traditional and contemporary designs which make it versatile for various occasions. You can easily pair jewellery with it, and one with beads looks fabulous and of course other wooden and ethnic pieces.

Choose a Perfect Saree by Style:

Style is something that defines you. Style is something that reflects your inner fashionista. Whether you like a little shimmer in your Saree or heavy Embellishment, or simple and printed flowy printed Saree, each reflects your style.

We at Fashionaex have something for everyone...

Traditional Sarees:

Traditional Sarees are among the oldest and most celebrated styles in Saree. Mostly traditional sarees are worn on special occasions from weddings to 'Khatha' at home. The designs and Embellishment are heavy, at times with sacred symbols and signs as to add luck in ceremonies.

You can find traditional sarees in a variety of materials and amazing colours. It gives a rich and royal look to the wearer.

Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, Bandhani, Chanderi, Patola, and so on are some varieties of our mesmerizing traditional Sarees!

Printed Sarees (साड़ी):

Printed Sarees has its own charm. They are usually lightweight and chic. Found mostly in two or more colours they are very comfortable to wear.

From small and big flowers to slogans to different intricate patterns, you can find lots of variety in Printed Sarees with Price. Be it chiffon or cotton or georgette, and Printed Sarees are much popular among women irrespective of the material.

You can wear it to work and to corporate functions to as it is easy to carry and comfortable for long hours!

Celebrity Saris:

Saree is evergreen; we all know that. But when your favourite celebrity seems rocking these Sarees, you fall in love once again with the beauty of Indian Celebrity Designer Sarees!

Be it sensational Deepika Padukone or beautiful Vidya Balan, be it black or the one as red as a rose, in Net or colourful Banarasi, Bollywood has made saree seem even prettier with different patterns, drapes and blouse style.

We bring you lots of celebrity style inspired Saris, which will, for sure, satisfy your dream of dressing like a celeb.

Designer Sarees:

Designer Saree is the most unique sari, created by the designer for some special occasion. It has tassels; heavy Embellishment, beautiful patchwork; broad and heavy border, and let's not forgets mesmerizing sequence and handwork complementing unique colour combination. And it can be just as you want, with all possible customization.

It is designed with care and precision to enhance its look as much as possible. And unlike normal saree, it is not common and has less chance of getting copied, and because of this, it is expensive.

Modern Net or comfy cotton, any material can use to create Designer Ethnic Sarees Online

Fancy Sarees Online:

As the word describes, Fancy saree is different in style and material, which makes it look unique from all rest.

It generally has light flowy and airy material like Rayon, Mixed Cotton, Polyester and Synthetic Silk, Jute, Chiffon, or Georgette and comes in a variety of colors and prints.

Fancy Sarees were created as an alternative to heavy sarees, which needed high maintenance.

Fancy Sarees can be easily washed at home and is comfortable to wear all day. The pattern and material are such that it can be worn daily without any hassle.

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