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Salwar Kameez

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Salwaar Kameez is a popular way of clothing, especially in Asia. It is usually a set of a Salwaar and a Kameez. Salwaar are trousers which can be both broad and with open fitting or narrower. On another side, Kameez is like a long tunic and comes in many length and size.

Salwaar Kameez is ruling women's heart from years. It is evergreen and is always trendy, no matter whether it was the 1950s or 2020. The earlier variety was limited, but from Anarkali to Anagrakha to newly trending High low Kameez and from Plazo to Dhoti is available in Salwaar.

We at FashionAex bring you a wide range of Salwaar Suit Online Shopping for all Occasions, Materials and Style.

Occasions to wear to Salwar Kameez:

Salwar Kameez is lovely attire and is a wardrobe favorite for every occasion. But every occasion demands a little changed version of it. Something that suits any particular occasion, something that adds sparkle to the occasion or sometimes simple and casual Salwaar Kameez that make you feel comfortable at home and doing chores. Some occasion like Party requires a glam factor, but when it comes to a wedding function, the heavy embellishment and shimmer is unmissable. Comfort and proper fitting matter the most when you wear Salwaar Kameez, whether for a function or regularly.

Fashionable touches in Party wear Salwar Kameez or beautiful Heavy Salwaar Kameez available in both pastel and bright hues for wedding wear is must in your wardrobe.  But after all, bling and shine, something casual and comfortable is what we need. And for that, we have a range of Casual wear Salwar Kameez too.

Party Wear Suit for Ladies:

Just like Saree, Salwaar Kameez looks wonderful in any party or social occasion.

It is comfortable and helps you meld in any atmosphere without making you look overdressed or underdressed.

Nowadays, women prefer long Kameez with jackets and are quite trendy these days. You can attend any party wear straight cut salwar suits too. Keep it subtle, and you are ready to rock!

Casual Salwar Suits Online:

The high percentages of women in India wear Salwaar Kameez in routine. Salwaar Kameez give them graceful dressing with all required comfort.

These days, a Plazo with straight Kameez is favorite among women of all ages and of course Frock style Kameez with narrow Salwaar and not to forget long straight Kameez with Salwaar.

With a variety in style of Salwaar Kameez which is available in many many materials and all possible colors, ladies pair them with matching Dupatta and light jewels to enhance its look.

Wedding Salwar Kameez Online Shopping India:

India is known for its Big Fat Weddings. Now and then one has some of the other weddings to attend.  But it's not only marriage, but there are also several other functions before and after it. Be it Haldi ceremony or Sangeet and DJ night or at the end Reception, you need different Salwaar Kameez for each occasion.

It doesn't matter if you are a bridesmaid or bride's sister, Salwaar Kameez will surely make many heads turn. Especially "Sharara Salwaar Kameez" which is a fantastic design and pattern you can never go wrong! And of course, Full-length Anarkali is a classic choice which surely gives a royal look.

Best Fabric for Salwar Kameez:

Fabric is the base and thus, the most important factor in any clothing. Its fabric that decides the life of your dress and enhances the design to create perfect look… Better the quality higher is the cost and life of the fabric and is always worth every penny.

The wrong choice in fabric and it can make the entire outfit look dull.

Today with the advancement in technology, various types of fabrics is now available. From synthetic materials like trendy Net and comfortable Georgette to classic and natural Silk and Cotton, choices are endless.

Georgette Salwar Kameez:

When it’s time to combine fashion, comfort and tradition, all in just one attire, then nothing is better than Designer Georgette Suits Online.

Georgette is loved for its flowy material which at the same is quite translucent. Thus it can be worn all by itself and allows movement and comfort. It is easy to carry and looks fabulous on all body shapes and types.

Be it pure Georgette or Faux Georgette is carries a different charm. It comes in all light and dark shades and is long-lasting fabric too. So what are you waiting for ladies?

Pure Lawn Cotton Suits:

Lawn or Lawn cloth is a plain weave fabric. It is created using the high-thread-count yard, which gives it soft, smooth and even texture.

Originally it was created from Linen, but now cotton is used for that purpose.

It is one of the lightest fabrics and is usually worn in casual or semi-formal functions. It is created in the brightest of the shades and showcases amusing prints.

It is comfortable and breathable fabric making it ideal for summers.

Crepe Salwaar suit:

Crepe is a type of fabric which is extremely soft and thin and has a unique crinkled texture and feels and gives a wrinkly look. It has a graceful fall and is loved worldwide due to its light weightiness and comfortable feel.

When it comes to Pure Crepe Salwar suits, get ready to look most graceful and royal. It gives a regal look and fits well for all occasions.

A long Kameez paired with Salwar and a shimmery Dupatta will satisfy your hunger to wear ethnic for sure!

Choose Latest Salwar Suits According to Style:

Style is something which defines you. Style is something that reflects your inner fashionista. Whether you choose Salwaar Kameez with, have décor and handwork or opt for Pakistani Salwaar Kameez Online, it's your wish.

Newly trending Dhoti or all-time favorite Plazo or graceful Churidar. You have a plethora of option to choose from.

We at FashionAex have all that you wish for.

Check out our collection for more!

Pakistani Salwaar Kameez:

Pakistani Salwaar Kameez has the same basic structure as ours, but it has the influence of Persian and Mugal on patterns and designs. This type of Salwar Kameez is heavy embroidered with resham and has unique thread work.

Kameez is usually long and flowy.

Pakistani style of Salwaar Kameez has a plethora of colors and comes in various materials, from Georgette to Silk and gives a beautiful look. It can be worn in both formal and informal occasions. 

Palazzo Style Salwar Suits:

Palazzo or Palazzo pants are trousers which are quite wide and flared from the waist unlike usual Churidar or other types of Salwaar. This makes Palazzo extremely comfortable.

And combining these amazing Palazzo pants with matching Kameez is the ultimate wear for fashion lovers who like to wear trendy but comfortable clothes. Kameez or tunics can be long or short depending upon the wearer and has lots of patterns to choose from, from classic and simple to extraordinary heavy pieces.

Straight Cut Suits:

The Indian Straight Cut Suits should be in your 'must have' list for your wardrobe. It is a perfect blend to fashion and style with an ethnic touch. Kameez here is long and fitted and has a long cut from the waist. It gives a chic look to the wearer and is sure shot casual and party wear. Due to fit pattern it suits slimmer women more, but nowadays plus size is getting equally popular.

Ladies pair it with pants or normal Salwaar and a look enhancing Dupatta.

Anarkali Suits:

Anarkali suits have been talk of the town for a while now. It is so loved by women and is here to stay for a long time.

Anarkali suits are unique in their way. Its Kameez or tunic is long, mostly till ankle or even full length. It has wide flare from the bust and is curated from flowy material. To enhance its beauty, it is paired with long Dupatta. The dress is embellished big or small motifs and embroidery all over the dress, giving it gorgeous look.

It is surely a head-turner, and you can wear it at any party or wedding.

Celebrity Salwar Kameez:

Salwaar Kameez is like ladies' favorite outfit, and we all know that. But when your favorite celebrity seems rocking these Salwar suits, you fall in love once again with its enchanting beauty!

Be it 'Dhak Dhak' girl Madhuri Dixit or beautiful Aishwariya Rai Bacchan or Alia Bhatt from time to time celebs have shown their love for Salwaar Kameez. From Straight fit to Palazzo to Anarkali and in hues of black or ivory or green, we have loved them all.

We at FashionAex bring you lots of celebrity style inspired Salwaar Kameez which will make you feel like your favorite Bollywood celeb.

Churidar Suit for Engagement:

We always talk about Kameez or Tunic and its various patterns. Can we take a moment and appreciate Churidar?

Churidar is a trouser which is fitted around the ankle. It is longer than one's legs and thus creates "Churis" or bangle like effect. Due to its unique appearance, it is simply irreplaceable.

Ladies wear it with Tunics and Kurtis both long and short, but it has an unparalleled and royal look with Anarkali. Found in many materials and all different colors, it has made its unique place in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Designer Suit:

Designer Suit is the special and unique suits created by the designer for some festive or occasion. It has big and small tassels; intricate embellishment, beautiful patchwork; mesmerizing sequence and handwork that can make your designer Salwar Kameez look shimmery and beautiful and let's not forget heavy Dupatta.

It is designed with care and precision to enhance its look as much as possible. And unlike normal Salwaar Kameez, it quite rare and have less chance of getting copied, and because of this, it is expensive.

The best thing is you can tell the designer how you want your suit to be, and with all possible customization, they will create the same for you or maybe better. Choose your favorite color, most comfortable fabric and proper fitting, and the world will be your stage.

Pant Style Suit:

As the name suggests, trouser here falls loosely on the body and is not fitted at the ankle. Due to this, it is extremely comfortable and airy and suits best in a hot atmosphere.

People pair it with the long and short tunic of their choice. It is available in all leading colors and materials and is very trendy these days.

Latest Pant Style Salwar Suit is a great office and casual wear due to high comfort it provides, which is required while working for long hours.

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