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Indian Designer Gowns:

Gown, which is also known as Evening Gown is a flowy dress. Its length can be anywhere between longer than knee dress to full length. These dresses are inspired by western fashion, but now it has become an integral part of Indian fashion too.

Gown created as per Indian fashion is quite comfortable to wear and is decorative too. From motifs to patchwork to borders, and even handwork is done on gown. Also, it is quite versatile in cuts, shapes, and patterns. So, the variety is endless. Gowns for womens - with a touch of western fashion is also quite popular.

It is usually worn on formal events or traditional functions. And it can be a perfect choice even for Pre-wedding photo shoot too! You can also pair it with FashionAex exclusive Dupatta and add grace to your dress.

Gown for Occasion:

Gown is graceful and fashionable attire and is a wardrobe favourite of Indian women. It is versatile and can be worn on multiple occasions.

Ladies love wearing a gown in Engagement ceremonies and even Sangeet, the functions which take place before the wedding. And of course, it is bridesmaids' favourite. Bride-to-be love to wear it on even Pre-wedding shoots. So now you know how loved Indian Gowns Online are!

We at FashionAex have created some of the most beautiful pieces for you to choose from with exclusive fabrics and colours you will surely love!

Indian Wedding Gowns Online India:

The bride is always special, and so are the Wedding Wear Gowns!

Be it the amount of shimmer or the perfect touch of glamour or the amount of grace… It is just perfect.

Choose Bridal Gowns Online, It have the heavy embellishment and designs like flowers and peacocks to what not! Patchwork or border work also looks impressive. Usually, heavy materials like Marbled Velvet or cotton silk are used.

Colours can be from glittery Golden to hues of Red and Pink to Green and Blue.

Party Wear Gown:

Party wear gowns are also shimmery and full of a different kind of work. Of course, it is not as embellished and heavily shimmered as Wedding wear gown, but it’s nonetheless.

It has designs and patterns which are simpler than that of Wedding wear a gown, but it's exceptionally elegant.

From intricate work to different flower patterns, you can find it all in a Long Party Wear Gowns for Ladies.

We at FashionAex, have a variety of gowns in all possible colours! We provide a gown, which is Readymade, semi-stitched, and even with custom made size! And of course, our exclusive Dupatta is surely cherry on the cake!

Go grab one now!

By Style:

Style is something that defines and shows how you like a particular thing to be. Style is something that reflects your inner fashionista. It shows the kind of clothes you like and the attitude you carry.

With floor-length Gown from FashionAex, with detailed embroidery and elegant designs, you will surely feel like Princess, whether you are dancing in function or walking down an aisle!

Indian Designer Gowns:

A designer gown is specially created by the designer for some special festive or occasion. It carries tassels with unique designs, intricate or heavy embellishment, beautiful patchwork, mesmerizing sequence, and heavy handwork that can make your designer gown look shimmery and beautiful, and let's not forget our exclusive Dupatta, that will make you look even more gorgeous.

It is designed with care and precision to enhance its look as much as possible. As it is created especially for you, it is quite rare and has less chance of getting copied, and because of this, it is expensive.

The best thing is you can tell the designer how you want your gown to be, and with all possible customization, they will create the same for you or maybe better. Choose your favourite colour, most comfortable fabric, and proper fitting, and the world will be your stage.

Best Fabric for Evening Gowns:

We cannot stress enough about fabric. Fabric is the most important element in any attire. It can completely change the look of your attire and enhance it drastically.

But at the same time, choosing a wrong fabric can make your outfit look dull.

Not all designs and work suits on all fabric.

So, with the best of Fabrics and affordable prices, we at FashionAex bring you a range of Silk and Georgette gowns that you will definitely love.

Silk Gown:

Silk is one of the most widely used materials in the world. It is shiny and flowy, which makes it a top choice of fabric among designers. It gives a rich and regal look and has an irresistible charm and look.

Full-length silk gown is a fashion statement, creating a fashionable and graceful look. On this shiny fabric, a bit of border or little patchwork is all you need to make heads turn.

You can, of course, imagine Silk Gown's beauty by now. If you still can't, go check out our Silk Party Wear Gown Collection!

Georgette Evening Gowns:

Thinking about the outfit, which is both comfortable and fashionable? Well, the simple answer is Georgette Gown.

Georgette is loved for its flowy material, and is it can be a bit transparent or opaque. Thus it can be worn all by itself and allows movement and comfort. It is easy to carry and looks fabulous on all body shapes and types.

It is easy to have printed work as well as handwork on Georgette, Faux Georgette, and thus it is widely popular.

It is quite durable and affordable, as well!

We at FashionAex have created Georgette Gowns with lovely colours and even heavy Dupatta to enhance its look!

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