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Georgette Sarees

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Georgette fabric is flowy and exceptionally light in weight. You can find Georgette with hints of sheerness, and you can find opaque ones too.. You know well that its light and flowy but at the same time can rock heavy embellishment, be it embroidery or Zardosi work or handwork, and looks perfect in any color. Graceful when draped, Georgette fits perfectly with our Indian pattern and style. Georgette is long-lasting and durable, too, making it popular among women. A perfect material, works in all seasons and is durable also, what else do you need?

Pure Georgette Sarees are made from the georgette fabric, which is made from silk fiber. Faux Georgette is made from polyester or rayon fibers. Faux georgette Sarees are equally famous, and nowadays, you will find mostly all dresses and Saris in Faux Georgette only.

Created as an alternative to Chiffon, Georgette has now made its place in the heart of people. Be its beautiful fall or material which looks good in any color and hold on to prints or comfort, Georgette has taken fabric industry by storm.

All these qualities make Georgette amazingly versatile fabric loved by all.

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