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Cotton Silk Sarees


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Items 1 to 24 of 39 total

Buy Pure Silk Cotton Sarees - Fashionaex

Cotton Silk fabric is a mixture of both Cotton and Silk fibers, combining good qualities and style of both into a single textile, making it one of the most elegant looking and loved fabric in the market. 

Light in weight and providing comfort even on hottest of the days, pure silk cotton fabric is light on the skin and airy in feel as cotton and carries a regal softness and heavy look due to silken drape, which makes this fabric easy to wear and versatile. All this quality makes women fall in love with Silk Cotton.

Pure Silk Cotton Sarees can be found in both old-style classics and contemporary designs, which makes it great for various occasions from party to wedding. It absorbs dye and color well so that you will find it in vibrant colors, and it can rock any work or embroidery and has a long life as well. Pair your favorite jewelry pieces with it to complete the look.

We at FashionAex have extensive Collection of Cotton Silk Sarees Wholesale and Retail, waiting to be delivered at your house.