Types of Designer Sarees to Fits Your Wardrobe

Did anyone just talk about Indian culture? The fashion attire that pictures in our mind is ‘Sarees’. How can any Indian festival, wedding, party be complete without an elegant, gorgeous designer saree!

Modern and party wear sarees have made a great comeback in the market. Be it your grandmother or your younger sibling, and everyone is donning timeless saris as part of their wardrobes.

Best designers in India are constantly on the go to add a unique style quotient to the look of Indian Sarees and are coming up with novel designs and styles. The intricate weaving pattern, rich embroidery, motifs, blend of trending colors and styles of Fashionaex sarees online will let you enjoy all the attention to yourself. Let’s scroll down through some fantastic, unspoken formal attire of women –

Designer Sarees – The Ethnic Vibes of Cultural India


Glorifying Pure Silk Sarees Online:


No wedding is ever complete without a bridal pure silk saree! There’s no occasion where you can ever go wrong with an Indian-modern saree. The flawless embroidery of designer silk sarees for wedding is in huge demand, catching the attention of all. Fashionaex puts forward the most beautiful collection of different types of wedding silk sarees. Offering the best quality of silk, with vibrant and luscious hues and heavily embroidered borders, Silk sarees definitely stands out from the rest.

Classic Georgette Party Wear Sarees:


The beauty of a breathless saree is accentuated by its zari work, beads, motifs, heavy borders, hand embroidery and more. Georgette party wear sarees carry an inherent sheen that makes them look a class apart. Don’t miss out on the ideal craftsmanship done on them. Owing to the ethnic Indian culture, Georgette sarees can come in warm, enriching shades to make every woman from young to old, her best for every occasion. Pairing it with a backless or full-sleeve designer blouse can add up to the glitter you want to leave!

Graceful Net Sarees for Wedding:


Celebrities are embracing the beauty and elegance of sarees, preserving the Indian culture as well as making its presence felt around the globe. Unlike the typical ones, sheer grace party wear net sarees were introduced by the western traders in the market. This see-through saree is weaved with intricate detailing like motifs, embellishments, hand embroidery or kept plain with eye-catching borders, to create a subtle look. Designer net sarees are the favorite red-carpet look, mainly for its gorgeous and ornate glamorous appeal.


Comfy, Silky Weave Cotton Sarees:


Take a cue from the celebrities – How to Dress for that Regal Wedding! With an array of innovative designs and majestic look, Cotton Silk sarees are the new talk of the town! Contemporary, uber chic designs that provide a light and airy feel to the sarees are perfect for the office celebration or the party wear saree that you are searching for. Preserving the historical heritage, cotton infused with silk fabric makes luxurious and ideal wear for summer and fall occasions.

Indian Culture is all about – Elegancy, Grace and Comfort! At Fashionaex, we never let our customer’s compromise on glamour and style quotient. Buy best sarees online right away!

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